Plein air painting Amsterdam 06.2019

Pieces of art from Amsterdam

After completed my part of works in project "Undone", finally I had some time to come back and focus on my own ongoing projects and goals. One of them was to create new category of paintings in my portfolio - cityscapes. For some time already, this topic have drawn my attention. I would like to focus on my painings more on urban agglomerations. Immensity of elements, contrasts, reflections, moving objects and dynamically changing weather are among the things I would love to struggle with.  I am observing for some time now, artist that do such a painting, going directly among people in the crowded cities. Painting among such an amount of people always seemed to me quite akward, but recently I went tgrough myself, and did some of plein air painting in the city, and it's definitelly turns out to be an interesting experience. In June this year I was painting in Amsterdam. Some of pieces I have done, have done alone, some of them have done together with Netherland's artist Hans Versfelt and Loui Visser, with whom I was setting off for looking an inspiration through the city. 

Together with Loui Visser 

Together with Hans Versfelt and Loui Visser 

                    together with Hans Versfelt  together with Hans Versfelt

During a few weeks, new pieces were made. I manage to create nice set of paintings from Amsterdam. Particullary I found my interest in paintings Nokturns. City in the night is extremelly attractive, also have enough light, which allowed me to to paint during this time. I am sure I will come back to paint more of the nokturns in future, and hope soon I will fullfill my galleries with this kinds of pieces.

                                                            Nokturn z Ruysdaelstraat         Nokturn z Ruysdaelstraat part.2

By period of last year I have been renting a flat in Ruysdaelstraat street. It was perfect point near the museum plein, from which I could plan my painting trips and from where I was setting off for adventures connected with painting outdoor. I was using my bike, fully packed with colours and canvases and was looking for the perfect subjects city can offer me.

Van Baerlestraat Van Baerlestraat

              Ruysdaelstraat         Amstel Hotel

Mainly I have painted city directly in plein air, but some of photograps materials I have prepared allowed me to do more precise and developed pieces of art later in my studio. By the last year I was busy with intense work for Submarine studio in Amsterdam, also I have travel a bit recently, because of that I haven't realised many of these projects yet. So far I have manage to paint one nice painting this type of, from Rokin channal. 

While painting in studio in Amsterdam Rokin Amsterdam

Hisko Hulsing who was the director of project "Undone", also animator, film maker, storyboard, conceptart artist and painter, for whom I have been working recently, found my studio painting interesting and we decided to swap our paintigs. So now I am lucky to hange one of his paintings in my computer studio !Hisko's painting

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