Paintings that you will see here, are some kind of groundbreaking to me. On this exhibition you will find two kinds of works of art. I do not mean the subject of works, rather the way, that they were made. At the beginning of my studies in 2005, I have went the first time in my life to paint landscape in open air. Charmed by lots of colours, the space and the light. I have been trying to learn principles that reign over that what I had seen in the nature. It was lasted for some time, maybe a bit to long then it was neseccery. At 2017 I have opened my own art studio at Kijany at my homeplace. I have discovered that I don't need anymore to go paint outside of my studio because I remember colours, shapes, and values of light. Some of things that I didn't remember I could recreate by the rules that I have learned. Recently I have been experiment, trying to find for new values for my paintings . You are very welcome to have closer look at my works of art from years 2014-2018. Jakub Podlodowski.

Exhibition will lasted until the end of february.

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