21st Century Realism: ARC Salon

I am very happy with the recognition that has come my way. One of my paintings is participating in the exhibition of the biggest realistic painting competition of the 21st century, the ARC Salon. I am just after two vernissages: one on July 14th for artists, curators, and gallery representatives, and the other on July 15th for the general public. I had a very nice time, met a lot of people from art world from this part of world. The Sotheby's has estimated price of my work between $7,000 and $10,000, which is a very good result. Currently it is available to buy at Peter Jung Fine Art gallery in Hudson.  Several of my paintings have already flown to the States, both to private collectors and galleries that have purchesed them, and they are functioning in the local market. An additional promotion of this event will be that a digital version of my honorable mentioned piece of art will be sent to the moon in a griffin time capsule, where it will remain forever! It will be a part of Lunar Codex - polaris collection, and this will be first since 50 years, importand placing an art on the moon.
I know there are a few people here who collect my paintings, and I believe some even have several of my works. I want to thank everyone who has supported my creativity over the years. Thanks to all of you, I can continue to grow and fulfill my dreams.
21st Century Realism: ARC Salon
Over 5,400 artworks from 75 countries participated in the Art Renewal Center (ARC)’s International ARC Salon Competition, the largest representational art competition in the world. This month, an exhibition of 95 winning and top ranking works of 21st Century Realism will be on view at Sotheby’s New York from July 14 – July 24. Sixty of the works will be on offer in an online benefit auction hosted on sothebys.com, open for bidding throughout the exhibition dates. Although open to the public on July 14, the “Public Opening” event, with artist meet and greet, will be held on July 15, from 11am – 3pm, free to the public and no RSVPs required.

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