Wystawa Galeria Ether, Warszawa, ul. Kopernika 36/40 03.11.2023-31.12.2023

I cordially invite you to the exhibition of my painting entitled "Landscape Processing" at the Ether Gallery, located in the very center of Warsaw, at 36/40 Kopernika Street. The exhibition will be open for viewing from November 3rd to December 31st, 2023. On display, you will not only see some of the artworks previously presented at the Lachert Manor but also several new pieces created this year. Additionally, in the second half of November, a catalog containing reproductions of the paintings will be available, and you can also get the latest issue of the quarterly magazine published by my hometown, Spiczyn.info, which includes an extensive interview with me. You are warmly welcome!

"Processing the Landscape"

The exhibition showcases various perspectives of the artist on the landscape. Here, you can observe naturalistic works painted outdoors, which serve as a starting point, realistic pieces from the studio where every detail matters, images aspiring to minimalism to create a specific atmosphere, tonalistic, as well as works detached from reality, containing elements of fantasy or Fauvist characteristics, rebelling against realism, as well as suprematist pieces aiming for abstraction, and purely abstract ones, increasingly focused on the artist's inner thoughts and feelings related to the landscape and their previous body of work.

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