The "Comparisons 32" Exhibition, BWA Sandomierz, December 15, 2023.

A photo report from the opening of the exhibition at BWA Sandomierz, organized as part of the "Comparisons 32" competition featuring creators associated with the Sandomierz region, constitutes an extraordinary event. In this edition of the competition, I had the honor of being one of the laureates, receiving the VI Award from BWA Kielce for the painting titled "Evening by the Autumn River."

The exceptional moments related to the exhibition opening were captured in photos. The atmosphere of this event was full of joy and artistic emotions, providing participants with the opportunity to admire the diversity of talents associated with the Sandomierz region.

My work, "Evening by the Autumn River," was appreciated by the competition jury, which is a tremendous honor for me.

I sincerely thank BWA Kielce and everyone involved in organizing the "Comparisons 32" competition for this exceptional opportunity to present my creativity. This event serves as motivation for me to continue developing my artistic expression and exploring themes related to the Sandomierz region.

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