Nice news from today, as 3 of my painitngs were selected to the group of Finalist of the biggest competition in USA, helded in New York, for classical and realistic paintings.

This was a second stage of sellection from 5400 art pieces applied from 75 countries. My works were admided into 2 categories - landscape and pleinair paintings.

link to Youtube : https://youtu.be/fnNmNo5rBec


!!! UPDATE !!!

Happy to find one of my pieces awarded by Honorable mention in plein air painting category in the 16th ARC Salon competition - the biggest and most prestigious realistic art competition in the USA, helded in NY. additional curiosity is that my painting will be included in the Lunar Codex, "The Polaris Collection". Will be enclosed in the capsule on the Griffin lunar lander, launched by SpaceX, and placed on the Moon in perpetuity. The Lunar Codex is a set of time capsules launched on three NASA-related missions, including the work of 7,000 creatives. It will be the first significant placement of contemporary arts on the Moon in 50 years.
The ARC received over 5,400 entries from 75 countries; 40%, 2,152 works have been selected as semi-finalists. Our finalists comprise a select group of the very top-rated entries, 1,273 works in all, or 24% of entries. Altogether, 221 awards and honorable mentions have been given out.

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