In palace of the Pac familly - at building of Polish ambassy, were during conservation works at  polihromy in roccoco style. Our crew of conservators were responsible for on of the rooms from the palace. Wokrs were accomplished with successfull and committed in deadline into major conserwator of city Vilnius. Durin our stay in 1.5 month in Vilnius we have a lot of time to sightseeing this biutifull town. On the photography on the top panorama of the city from the three crosses mountain.



Photography on the top presented our crew. At the bottom on left phothos before doing conservation and without re-creation missing ornaments on one out of few walls. On the right effect that we have managed to obtain after our conservation's works according to hint given by main conseravate officer in Vilnius.


Vilnius is really enchanting town, fulfil with biutyfull but unfortunatelly neglect monuments, as for instance photho of old church above. For some of you who are going into this place I could recommended to see the saint Piter and Paul church. It was made great impact on us to see all the richest sculptures and molding inside the church. However on Vilnius you can find many of interesting monuments and places were you could go, like barocco churches in old town, or galleries of modern art. 

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