I have been invited with group of conservators with whom I am cooperating for long time into the conservanor's project called Villa Alexandrine, held in France at Rivera coast. The phothography on top presented view at panorama of Vence,  on one out of rare cloudy days, made during our rest time in work. On one of these buildings you can see on the phothography is located Chapel projected by Henri Matisse. 


With my crew while doing our work in maintainance of fresco at walls in the Villa Alexandrine, house where polish writer Witold Gomrowicz lived and worked. 


On the occasion, a dozen or so kilometers from our location, we have visited Antibes city. In this city lived and works Pablo Picasso, also we have visited Cagnes-sur-mer, where August Renoir lived and worked. Inspirated by this trip, I have painted panorama from Renoir's garden. This subject were presented many times at his paintings and other artists that he had been gusted in his house, from various shots.

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